How does it work?

You own a car or a van or a motorcycle. You may own several. there could be more than one driver in your family.

You need motor insurance. This protects you should you cause an accident or if the other driver in an accident isn’t insured.

You hop onto a price comparison site and find a reasonably priced policy. But once you start clicking through you notice a bunch of add-ons. You don’t understand what any of them mean, so to be safe, you tick them all, and pay the now less reasonably priced total. Especially if you’re paying it for several cars.

Then one day you have an accident that wasn’t your fault.

You call your insurer. They sort it all out for you. But you have to pay an excess charge. And your no claims bonus is affected. Which means you have to pay higher premiums in future. So now you’ve paid for the motor legal insurance, your excess and you’ll have to pay higher premiums in the future. And none of it was your fault. Hardly fair is it?

Now you can save all of that money. Here’s how:

You sign up to Free Motor Legal right now. You only do it once, no need to renew every year. And it's free.

You receive by email a membership pack including a free accident survival pack with a glove box guide that tells you exactly what to do after a collision.

When you take out new / renew your motor insurance, simply opt out of the thing called Motor Legal Cover or Motor Legal Protection to save yourself approximately £30.

If you are in an accident, you call us and we will advise you on what to do next including what details to get at the scene. We have a 24/7 365 days a year freephone claims reporting number.

We arrange for you and your car to be collected if you can't drive it, with your choice of repairing garage.

We do damage assessment and repairs, with no policy excess to pay.*

We get you a like-for-like vehicle to use while yours is being fixed to keep you on the road. You won't get fobbed off with a micro car if you typically drive a people carrier!*

If your personal possessions were damaged in the accident or if you've had to miss work and lost earnings as a result, we'll help you get compensation.

If you or any passengers were injured and need medical treatment, we'll help you find medical specialists at no cost to you .

We arrange for a specialist solicitor to claim compensation for your injury - with no deduction from your settlement.

Our benefits extend to family and friends as well as passengers in your vehicle. You are even protected if you are a passenger in somebody else's vehicle or on public transport.

Your insurance premiums aren't affected and you're not out of pocket.

* Some terms & conditions may apply. See our T&Cs for full details.

What's the catch?

There is no catch.

After years of working in the motor insurance industry, we spotted something that wasn’t right and wanted to fix it.

Here’s the detailed bit to explain it all.

Typically people take out motor legal protection along with their motor insurance so that if they have an accident that wasn’t their fault, they aren’t out of pocket covering all the things we listed above. Over 15 years of working for law firms dealing with motor legal protection claims, this is what we noticed:

After an accident, your insurer refers you to a lawyer of their choosing to recover any losses you’ve experienced and compensation for injuries. But here’s what most motorists don’t know.  The insurer also gets paid commission from the lawyers for passing clients onto them, the same for car hire companies. What’s more, the insurer never pays the lawyers for their services. The lawyers get their fees from the insurance company of the party at fault. This means that the insurance company gets paid twice for doing very little. In fact each policy costs them as little as 50p, meaning they make a mark up in the region of 6000% on each motorist.

We didn’t think that was fair. So we decided to do something about it.

Free Motor Legal was established in order to provide all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales with a way of making sure they had all the necessary assistance after a non-fault collision, but without the need to charge them for an annual policy.

How can we do this for free you ask?

Basically, we will appoint a specialist solicitor to act for you. They will recover uninsured losses for you such as policy excess, lost earnings, damaged items of property like clothing or mobile phone. There is no minimum claim value. In addition, if you suffer personal injury and wish to be compensated, our specialist lawyers will recover you the maximum amount of compensation and not deduct any fees from your compensation, 100% guaranteed.

The lawyer gets paid by the insurance company of the person at fault for the accident. They act for you on a no win-no fee basis, so if they don’t win your case, they don’t get paid. So we don’t have to pay their fees. If they win, the other party pays your legal fees and they do not deduct any money from your settlement!  We make our money from commissions paid by the vehicle hire and medical treatment providers only. It’s their way of thanking us for sending business their way. That’s it. Nothing underhand. No catch.

We hope that clears things up.