Insurance companies continue to play everyone for fools


Another day and more reports from insurers of increased profits and reduced combined operating ratios, yet we are all paying more for our motor insurance than ever.

Isn’t it about time that the real reasons behind premium increases were investigated along with the pricing models of insurers as well as the Competition an Markets Authority taking a look at the fact that, despite there being more insurance brands out there than ever, there are only approximately 10 actual underwriters in the UK marketplace? So how competitive is the marketplace really?

We are amidst changing times where there are drastic reforms about to take place which are going to undo laws which are centuries old, all of this being sponsored by the UK Motor Insurance industry and their lobbying group the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

The public have been duped by the ABI due to repeated reports and news items blaming premium increased on false whiplash claims and a pandemic of fraud, yet official figures show a reduction in claim volumes and a reduction in claims expenditure. So why are our premiums still increasing and why isn’t somebody taking the insurance industry to task about this when premiums are up, claim volumes and costs are down, yet profits are leaping up year on year?

We at Free Motor Legal call for an enquiry into this as the UK insurance industry are taking their customers for fools and driving up the cost of motoring, whilst at the same time sponsoring wholesale reforms to the laws of the UK which will result in people who are genuinely injured and suffering with pain for over 6 months receiving less in compensation than somebody delayed at an airport for a few hours.

The alleged savings people will enjoy when the whiplash reforms are introduced is around £35.00 a year. Well we can save motorists £30 every year by providing a free alternative to paying for motor legal protection. So why not register today for free?