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Save money with a free alternative to Motor Legal Expenses Insurance

We are a free alternative to buying motor legal protection insurance. This is the smarter way to make sure you have all the after accident care you need, without having to buy a policy to cover your legal fees.

What is Motor Legal Protection?

Motor Legal Protection, also called Legal Expenses Insurance, is usually sold as an "add on" to your main motor insurance policy. It is a separate insurance policy that covers your legal fees if you need to pursue somebody for losses and expenses after an accident that was not your fault. Some policies also provide assistance if you are prosecuted for an offence.

Usually the cost of these policies is in the region of £25-£30 per year, per car/van/bike that you have insured. So if you have several vehicles in your household, the odds are if you have bought motor legal protection, you have purchased it several times over each year!

What is Free Motor Legal?

Free Motor Legal is a free to join membership organisation that provide an accident management and ULR service, but without the need to actually take out a legal expenses insurance policy. This saves you money each year on your vehicle insurance needs and also does not restrict you with how many vehicles you own. You only need to join once and then forget about being charged by your insurer or broker for legal cover ever again! You can change your motor insurer each year, but you only need to register with Free Motor Legal once.

How do I join?

Just register your details to receive your membership pack which gives you all the support and assistance you need if you are involved in a collision that was not your fault, or where blame is disputed.

Remember, there are no fees to join and there is no need to renew your membership each year, so you need never get charged for a motor legal protection policy by your insurer or broker ever again. We are Free Motor Legal, put simply, the way it should be.

Check out these comparison costs that major insurers and brokers are charging for just 1 year of motor legal protection insurance*.

Direct Line £26.50
The AA £25.99
Budget £26.99
Aviva £27.00
Free Motor Legal£FREE

* survey undertaken 13/9/12